LemonFree.comLance Schafer and Dan Legal Co-founded in 2007 and have been instrumental in creating the World's 1st AUTOMOBILE SEARCH ENGINE! Lance, Dan and their team at have been instrumental in amplifying to a huge audience of buyers and sellers. Each month continues to increase its traffic – listings are viewed 8 million times monthly and the site has an impressive 2 MILLION cars listed for sale. The proof is in the numbers. Can’t wait to see what they can do with Amplified Media Group’s future “stars” is different than any other automobile website because it does not charge dealers or private sellers to list their vehicles for sale - it's 100% FREE. In turn, an atmosphere has been created where sellers and dealers compete for your business with their service reputation and most importantly their prices, and not with their pocket books (i.e. their advertising dollars). This allows for total transparency on all transactions and information on the site, making your auto shopping experience as "Lemon Free" as possible.

Another way strives to make the auto shopping experience as "Lemon Free" as possible is by encouraging good and bad reviews of both dealers and vehicles that are listed on its site, further creating transparency that a buyer can have confidence in. This combination forces vehicle sellers and dealers alike to be "careful" how they operate on


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