Hartley Miller - President and Chief Driver

As the Chief Driver of Amplified Media Group, Hartley is responsible for the day to day operations to ensure Amplified`s portfolio of internet stars stay on course. As a 20 year entrepreneur and senior executive in the sports and entertainment industry, Hartley has guided companies throughout North America in researching, developing and implementing marketing, sales, new business development and new media strategies. In addition, Mr. Miller has created, promoted and produced high profile professional sporting, musical and consumer events.

Lance Schafer - Chief “Diamond in the Rough” Miner

Lance is considered a pioneer in domain name aggregation and search engine marketing and he has established a substantial portfolio of profitable internet related companies (lemonfree.com, Point of Impact Technologies, Longtail Ventures Inc, and Defining Presence Marketing Group). Lance knows where and how to mine for ``internet stars`` and he has developed the search engine optimization techniques and proprietary algorithms to amplify these properties to millions of fans annually.

Daniel Legal - Chief Amplifier

Daniel provides our portfolio of stars with over ten years of innovative and highly successful SEO experience. He has amplified the voices of such high profile companies as lemonfree.com, Expedia and Wells Fargo and he has considerable internet experience in the hotel, travel, entertainment and pharmaceutical industries. It is his continual effort to innovate and implement best practice techniques that give Amplified Media its competitive advantage. Dan is in control of the volume dial and he likes to turn it up really loud!