As a Boutique Firm you DIRECTLY engage a TRUSTING PARTNER with the KNOW-HOW, PERSONALITY & ENTREPRENEURIAL DRIVE to make it happen.

  • Deal directly with Amplified’s CEO and approach tasks at the highest level.
  • Timely deliverables as defined at the outset.
  • Our clients/partners BEST INTEREST always at heart.
  • Genuine, but also thinking outside of the box.

Amplified Media GroupServices

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Our management consulting specializes in providing business owners with the CREATIVITY, STRUCTURE, STABILITY AND FORESIGHT, to grow their brand and bottom line. We differentiate ourselves from the crowd by providing an active, hands on approach that combine an inter-dependent new media, sales and operational approach with financial discipline. All essential to amplify through controlled creativity.

We are adept at merging sound best business practices with contemporary ways of identifying, assessing and realizing new opportunities. The convergence of multi-generational audiences poses challenges in today’s fast pace and global environment. Our goal is to re-establish the foundation for a cohesive relationship between all the key stakeholders: Ownership, Human Resources, Customers and Suppliers.

Sports and Entertainment Events

Live Sports and Entertainment

As a PROMOTER AND PRODUCER, we have amassed a wealth of continually evolving event management expertise from our experience presenting high profile, influential local, national and international sporting and entertainment events.

We are a calculated risk partner that brings vision on the front end and detailed execution on the back end creating a controlled “drive way to drive way” experience.

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