Amazon Refunds


As an authorized partner of Dimetyd™, we Identify, track, and resolve costly Amazon overbillings, shortages and deductions.

We have partnered with Dimetyd™ to offer 1P Amazon Vendor Central Brands a solution that identifes, tracks, and resolves costly Amazon overbilings and deductions . We are a fully automated AI, platform that can analyze tens of milling of transactions to analyze and identify 108 over billing and unsettled shorrtages and manage all aspects of dispute claims. Most accounting software can’t manage amazon’s unique accounting practies. especially the DFP (Deduct form Payment) mechanism and Provision for Receivables.

Our services are Performance Based, so no cost to you unless we are successful in recouping your entitled refunds. No efforts on your team’s part, and you can see results in as quick as 4 weeks.